The default SBS 2011 firewall

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The default SBS 2008 firewall – THE OFFICIAL BLOG OF THE SBS “DIVA”:

Remember this post? 

We’re updating it for SBS 2011 now.

Zipped up copy of the SBS 2011 firewall rules

Please note exchange is on the C drive in this, so if you’ve moved Exchange, edit the rule(s)  accordingly.



2 Responses to The default SBS 2011 firewall

  1. Jeff Busse says:

    imported this to the Windows firewall and all connectivity issues in SBS 2011 went away, thanks Susan.

  2. Dean says:

    Hhhhmmmm. Something just popped into my head. I wonder what the difference is between a single NIC firewall and a 2 NIC firewall like ISA Server. I wonder if your losing some security there.