A lot of SMBism in the air

On September 11, 2011, in smbmvptour, by

One of the slides in the smbmvptour is this one that tries to capture all of the possibilities we have for SMBism from Microsoft these days.

HP is also stepping up to the place with their hardware offerings as well….

If you can’t read the contact info, I’ll post it here:



US Partner Portal, Sign Up Now


SMB Sales Center

Call: 866-917-8981, Option 2

Email: smb.sales@hp.com


2 Responses to A lot of SMBism in the air

  1. Bruce Berls says:

    I’m trying to confirm this but I think I’m right: Storage Server 2008R2 Essentials is not now and has never been available for sale in the United States. Partners can get a copy for testing but for end users it will only be available through OEMs. I don’t think there’s a single one on the market. The only one globally is a single UK model from Tranquil.

    It has me baffled. Combining an NAS and workstation backup in a nicely integrated box is a useful idea for small businesses. The product was delivered five months ago and got a significant update just a couple of weeks ago. It’s not vaporware – it really exists, you just can’t buy it. Maybe there are some in the pipeline but they’re well hidden so far.

  2. bradley says:

    Patience. There are us vendors running betas now. But yes its been way too long coming to market.