PacITpros Los Angeles presents: The Basics of IPv6 and DirectAccess for IT Pros
Tuesday, September 20th
Microsoft in Downtown Los Angeles

Tuesday, September 20th, we'll welcome Edward Horley and Richard Hicks for a great technical presentation. Both Microsoft MVP's, they are experts in their field. We welcome them for an intimate presentation and they will answer the questions you are facing.

Ed Horley: The What, Why and When of IPv6 - should I even care?
The presentation is focused on the basics of IPv6, what is it, why should you care about it and when it will affect you or your clients. It covers some basic background about the IPv6 protocol, what products and technologies are utilizing it today and how that impacts what you do as an IT Professional.

Richard Hicks: DirectAccess, the Microsoft remote access technology of the future. 
Built on Windows 7 and Server 2008/R2, DirectAccess represents a paradigm shift in secure remote access to corporate resources. DirectAccess relies heavily on IPv6, and during the presentation he’ll explain how a DirectAccess deployment can be an effective way to gain experience with IPv6, while at the same time providing transparent, always-on corporate network connectivity for remote users. In addition, Richard will explain the benefits of DirectAccess for systems management engineers, information security officers, and compliance managers.

Brought to you by Jessica DeVita of PacITpros Los Angeles


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