At the Portland SMBMVPtour it was stated that there was a hard stop on a minimum 160 gig drive to install SBS essentials in.

We said to rejigger the setup so that the initial install had 160 gig drive to lay down itself in and then post install move things around.

Installing SBS 2011 Essentials on SSD or SATA Hard Drives smaller than 160GB – Using Windows Home Server:

Well we may need to take that statement back.  Check that post out

Edit – either they moved the post… in the meantime check this out:


2 Responses to Revisiting the 160 gig minimum on SBS Essentials.

  1. Ian Watkins says:

    That link seems to be duff…..

  2. Ian Watkins says:

    What I’d like to know is whether you can fool it into using less than 160GB when you have a 250GB drive in the machine, otherwise you are left with a 90GB data partition which is a bit small nowadays…..