Installing a SBS Essentials to a Windows 7 and the log file pointed to a pending file rename issues….but… there was nothing in the registry keys.

(remember on Windows 7 the logs files you need to look at are in a hidden file in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server\Logs in XP they are located at  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Server\Logs .)

The log file pointed to a registry key

09/24/2011 22:44:59 1af0] CSetup::RunTasks: Running Task: Id=-1 Description=Check Pending Reboot Index=  2
[09/24/2011 22:44:59 1af0] TaskCheckPendingReboot::Run – Regkey value PendingFileRenameOperations under [SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager] is not empty.
[09/24/2011 22:44:59 1af0] CSetup::RunTasks: Task Id=-1 Description=Check Pending Reboot Failed
[09/24/2011 22:44:59 1af0] CSetup::Run: Failed to Run Verification Tasks
[09/24/2011 22:44:59 1034] CSetup::RunTasksDlgProc: Unxexpected or Fatal Error Occured
[09/24/2011 22:44:59 1034] CSetup::SetupErrorDlgProc: IDD_PROPPAGE_SETUP_ERR Initialization

But nothing was there

 Thanks to this thread (

I was pointed to this vbs, stuck it in notepad, ran the vbs file and voila…that’s what the Colorado connector client software is getting stuck on.

Lovely HP printer driver sticking itself in the pending file location.

I flipped the print spooler to manual, copied that folder to another location, rebooted the workstation and it FINALLY connected.

The log file kept pointing to the pending rename registry key but nothing was there.  This wmi script was the only thing that pointed me in exactly the proper direction of my problem.  After I got it connected I stopped the spooler again and moved the folder back.  Obviously sucky HP printer drivers were the problem.

I’ve attached the vbs file as a zip file to this blog post, extract it out and launch an admistrative command prompt and run that vbs script.  It should tell you what is getting stuck if it’s not obvious from the registry key.


3 Responses to Cannot connect the computer to the server – the computer has a restart pending

  1. Dean says:

    Per KB 221863:

    You may also need to check for and remove pending file rename operations in the following registry keys:





    NOTE: If the problem is still not resolved, check for the existence of old installation files in your TEMP or TMP folders, check for the existence of a folder named “$!$!$!$!” in the root folder, or try emptying the Temporary Internet Files folder.

  2. bradley says:

    Thee was nothing there. Dumped temp files too. I emptyed everything and it was only this file that showed me the way.

  3. Dean says:

    “However, some commentators on the Facebook feed were unhappy that more information on the outage wasn’t available on the 1&1 website or over the phone, and that the outage hadn’t been confirmed until around an hour after it started.”

    Yeah, because when there is an outage on a web based resource there is nothing you can do except listen to your boss scream at you. You are completely helpless. There are no logs to look at or utilities to run. So you want a status update every 5 minutes which is not feasable.