The perils of being a female geek

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So I arrive at the Rio hotel and start to unpack … the technology.   The wireless router so that I can make the wired connection a wireless (and btw if you are on a certain floor near a certain room the open wireless with the SSID of “default” is my little travel dlink router), and then the ancient laptop that I’ve had forrreeeever (and I’ll probably install win8 on it just as a proof of concept one of these days), and then the newest geek gear, an android tablet with a mifi device.  And I go to check to see if the mifi is charged up and…. shoot I remember I left the charger in the wall at home.  No worries, I’ll just use the USB connection jack to charge it like I do with my iPhone.  I use a retractable iPhone cable on the road so I don’t have to pack one more cable and I leave it in my laptop bag.  So I go to get the mini usb cable for it… and of course I can find like THREE mini usb cables in all of my geek gear but not the RIGHT mini usb cable.  Shoot, says I.  Well I’ll just have to use the mifi lightly this weekend. 

So I start to unpack a bit more and get things like my toothbrush out of my makeup bag.  And out of my makeup bag falls the RIGHT mini usb cable for the Verizon mifi device.

Why the RIGHT cable ended up in my makeup bag, I have no clue.  I’m going to guess in the heat of packing during the last trip I stuffed in in there, needless to say I’m now back to being a happy female geek with all my cables and cords and stuff and makeup and curling iron, and hot chocolate (yes I travel with bags of Hot chocolate – and good thing too – the Rio makes you pay for the coffee).

Well enough blogging for the night. time to get ready for Harry Brelsford keynote bright and early tomorrow morning.


4 Responses to The perils of being a female geek

  1. Dean says:

    “the open wireless”

    Are you nuts ?

    “I travel with bags of Hot chocolate”

    What brand ?

  2. Richard says:

    How’s Life? 😉

    Which android tablet did you get?

  3. bradley says:

    Land O Lake hot chocolate and a Viewsonic Gtablet.
    And I treat it like a hostile connection.

  4. Lyle Epstein says:

    Maybe the TSA moved the cable during their “inspection”, they probably are wondering what kind of female you are being a geek in a male dominated industry. It’s a nice thing having geeks other then men around all the time!