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For those at the community session at SMBnation – the resources about WSUS and Patchmanagement I talked about are:  – a site that hosts two listserves  – one for WSUS, the other for general patching. – where I write about patching



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  1. Dean says:

    Talk about patching. I’m not sure that anyone will ever be able to be sure that any distribution of Linux is free of malware ever again.

    “He went on to advise developers follow seven steps to see if their systems have been targeted, including running chkrootkit”

    As we know there are no steps known to humanity, seven or otherwise, that can tell you whether or not your machine is free of malware.

    If you go to the chkrootkit site the program has not been updated since 2009. Probably since they realized it wasn’t worth the time.

    If Microsoft’s build servers have already been or ever get owned then we are all in deep doo doo.