Don’t install .net 1.1 on SBS 2011

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SBSdiva (that hits this blog) .net 1.1 SBS 2011 don’t

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Bottom line if you have an application that wants to install .net 1.1 (older versions of Quickbooks) it will mangle the IIS web sites on the box.

So don’t install a .net 1.1 app on your server.



So your client has Quickbooks 2007 and you are migrating them to SBS 2011. First off I’m going to say you probably want to sit them down and talk about that Quickbooks 2007 multiuser version and ask them to strongly consider upgrading. For one the program/version is no longer supported. Certainly if they had employees they’d have migrated to a newer version before this if they used the payroll module. But there’s another reason… you strongly do not want to be dealing with an app that wants .NET running on a SBS 2011.

When you install .net 1.1 on your SBS 2011 certain things go boom:


WSUS isn’t WSUSing like it should.

And when I went poking around certain things just are not happy.

If your clients absolutely put their foot down — or more likely than not someone’s gone and done it and you are stuck cleaning up the mess, here’s what I did to get it working —

So here’s what I did to get IIS for Companyweb and WSUS working again without reinstalling the server…

From :
.NET 1.1 may have agressively taken over part of IIS. Try running aspnet_regiis /i from the command prompt for the v2.0 folder. (c:\windows\\framework\v2.0.50727). That will register 2.0 but won’t mess up 1.1. This is the most likely fix.

In my case I launched a command window as an administrator and then went to the folder of c:\windows\\framework\2.0.50727 and typed in aspnet_regiis /i and then did the same from c:\windows\\framework\v4.0.30319 and typed in aspnet_regiis /i

I then did a IISreset.

I also went to the IIS console and ensured that the IIS 1 and 4 isapi filters were allowed to run

Orignally the 1.1 said disallowed. I also let the 4.0 isapi filters be allowed.

And voila — companyweb and WSUS work.

But do me a huge favor… get them to upgrade from Quickbooks 2007… it’s old, it’s out of date, it’s not supported, it doesn’t like UAC and you really don’t want it running on that server



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  1. Dean says:

    Google Search

    .net 1.1 sbs 2011

  2. Damm Quickbooks says:

    Well i made the mistake of trying to install Quickbooks on a SBS 2011 server. Clicking next too quickly the next thing i know .net 1.1!!!! is being installed.

    As above it screwed everything in IIS. What I ended up doing was removing .net 1.1 and that bloody quickbooks.

    Just thought i’d post this for anyone else, this is what i did to fix. As above you need to run, c:/windows/ -ir

    Don’t forget the 64 i think this could be a mistake in the OP.

    Running the above put isapi filters on every site called .net 4.0.30319 32 bit. This was causing 64 bit runtime errors. I deleted all of these from each site.

    I just copied everything from another working sbs2011 install and thats how i found it.