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Twice now there’s been bugs in Outlook that flips things over to a ndr and you’ll see IMCEAMAILTO in the subject line.

It happened in Outlook 2007 and then people saw it again in Outlook 2010.

And it was only AFTER opening up cases that it was able to be repro’d.  The trigger is Office 2001 sp1.


Another user, RKeith – MSFT, has replied to a thread you have subscribed to in the Admin Forum.

Thread Title IMCEAMAILTO issue causing “Delivery has failed …”.
Started by: Jexx

Reply: ) is the correct article to watch for the earliest notice of the release of the hotfix.

The hotfix for this issue is currently in testing, and will be a part of the Decemer 2011 Cumulative Update.  The article Dirk referenced (


Additional workarounds, while limited in their user friendliness are…

  • Right click on the address, and choose copy shortcut
  • Highlight the address, and copy/paste it into a new e-mail window manually

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