So the question that many have had regarding SBS Essentials is looking for a way to disable the launchpad being launched on the workstations.  While one can go workstation to workstation they were looking for something a bit more group policyish.

Thread Title Disable Lauchpad
Started by: Chris Cote


We have a GPO that stops launchpad from starting up, however since the launchpad is needed to push out any SBSe updates, use this at your own risk. That being said, after disabling this GPO and after a restart of a client computer, the launchpad starts up again.

The GPO is configured to delete “Launchpad” from “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\” in the registry.

Launch group policy management and build a new group policy object

Now right mouse click and edit it.

And go into the User Configuation, Preferences, Registry

Choose the option to delete

And I think putting that in should do the trick.


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