I meant to blog this yesterday but I was busy with my MiniCooper group last night.  This morning I’m eating a bagel and creme cheese with tea on an Amtrak heading towards Sacramento and the next stop on the SMBMVPtour (see www.smbmvptour.com ) . 

By now hopefully you’ve already read these two blog posts on the SBSblog (http://blogs.technet.com/sbs ) I’m about to blog about, but if you haven’t, go do so now….

Read them?  Okay now I’ll flesh them out a bit more.  This first one is about how there’s now an update for the migration tool.  You know how I jump up and down and tell you guys never ever ever ever say yes to updates during the install because not only does it add time to your migration, but it adds potential for change and patches and this is the time you want to limit change and patching?  Okay so there’s one time of the migration process I DO want you to install updates and it’s right here at this point of the migration tool.  When you install the tool on your sbs 2003 there’s a box there to say yes to go check for updates.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get updates on this ONE spot.  Because they’ve added new rules to ensure that Exchange won’t barf as much. 


Why does Exchange barf? 

Rule 2

This update adds the following rule to check whether the Allow inheritable permissions option is enabled for the mailbox store and for the public folder in Active Directory:

Rule: Access control list (ACL) inheritance is blocked
Severity: Error
Description: Exchange setup requires that Access Control List (ACL) inheritance be enabled. Go to http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb643112(EXCHG.80).aspx for more details.

I’ve seen quite a few Exchange barfages due to this one issue. 

When Exchange barfs while one can manually install, end up with an eval version of Exchange and then find the kb to make it not eval, I’m still more comfy in telling folks to do a system state restore on the sbs 2003 and start the migration process over. 

Also be aware of a known issue you might hit Sub Rule 5 from the update (KB 2578426) if your _MSDCS zone is not a forward lookup zone delegated from your primary domain zone as documented in the blog:


Bottom line, you want updates right here at this one spot.


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  1. Dean says:

    “creme cheese”

    You must be Canadian. LOL !

    You haven’t done a post on your cutting mens hair fetish in a long time.

  2. bradley says:

    More like can’t spell. Cream Cheese.

    Cutting men’s hair fetish? What’s that?

  3. Dean says:

    “Cutting men’s hair fetish? What’s that?”


    So we now have three indisputable facts that prove you are Canadian.

    1) You spell cream as creme

    2) You drive a tiny car

    3) You want to cut Justin Bieber’s hair because of your fetish and Justin Bieber is from Canada

    You can’t hide anymore.

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !