Now on the train home from the Sacramento IT pro group (see photos posted up on ) and here’s the answer to a couple of questions that came up…

Can you put Quickbooks on MultiPoint?

Answer:  Yes.  Officially speaking the party line of Intuit is that they will support Quickbooks Enterprise in a terminal server environment.  But here’s the reality of the real world.  Quickbooks Pro (non enterprise) works just fine in a TS environment. I’d recommend that you use the CUTEPDF writer instead of Intuit’s native pdf printer, but it-does-work. 

Can you put Lacerte and Lacerte’s DMS on MultiPoint?

Answer:  Yes.  Both Lacerte tax program and DMS are supported in a terminal server environment.
Although it is normally installed locally, Lacerte can be used in a Citrix/Terminal Server environment, if the firm has access to the IT expertise to set it up, providing remote offices or staff with access to the system

Bottom line MultiPoint is a terminal server box.  It it will work on TS, it will work on MultiPoint.


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