I’m feeling a bit dirty tonight

On October 25, 2011, in Rants, by

The first time I took this exam I flunked it.  Seriously.  Got an email that my SBSC expired on October 15th.  There’s like three things that you have to keep track of – expiration of Action pack, expiration of Microsoft partner membership and finally SBSC.

So this is that marketing assessment where as you take it (and get the wrong answers) you are told what the right ones are.  Even drinking an entire gallon of Koolaid ahead of time will not put enough koolaid into your system to pass it.

Bottom line, I’m not sure which made me feel more dirty today…. jailbreaking an iphone to get a mute button app on a iPhone 3, or taking this marketing assessment and trying to guess at times what answers they wanted.  The trick to pass it is to take it once, know that if you are honest consultant you WILL flunk it and then go right back in immediately and take it the second time.  Given that the exam tells you after each submit button if you got the question right or not, the second time around you can answer it the Microsoft Koolaid way.



2 Responses to I’m feeling a bit dirty tonight

  1. rob says:

    er – so they give you the right answers and you still only got 93%?


  2. mike says:

    yeah, I always have my tongue firmly in my cheek when I take these kind of assessments.

    they are set by people with little real world experience, so you basically have to enter their dreamworld and give them what they want to hear.

    In every day life I don’t do this… but then, these assessments are as far from everyday life as it is possible to be.