Fresno Partner group meeting

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Tonight we had our Fresno partner group meeting and we talked about several topics -- how good Bob Nitrio and Karl Palachuk were at the Sacramento IT pro group.  
They discussed cloud computing and how to be a trusted advisor and really understand the business model.
We talked about SMBMVPtour content (MultiPoint in particular) and then Windows 8 and the new start menu and WHERE is the classic menu.
Then we talked about Windows Storage Server Essentials R2.

Next month the topic will be ... so?  Can you install SBS in Azure or Amazon Web services?  Or subtitled the SMB guys and gals figure out what this cloud stuff is really.

5 Responses to Fresno Partner group meeting

  1. Dean says:

    “Can you install SBS in Azure or Amazon Web services?”

    My guess would be no. I think if you had any chance of installing a regular OS in the cloud it would have to be on an infrastructure cloud and even then you would be lucky if it worked or even allowed you to install it at all. Clouds are based around customized standard OS’s because they have different requirements like being able to instantaneously add a new server for the OS to run on or instantaneously remove a server for the OS to run on if it needs less power at the moment.

  2. bradley says:

    That’s the point of the meeting. We don’t want to “my guess would be….” We want to definitively say yes or no. Stay tuned, will be blogging about it too.

  3. Dean says:

    “We want to definitively say yes or no”

    So who exactly is going to be giving this definitive answer ?

  4. bradley says:

    The folks in our partner group. We’re investigating exactly what you can do with Azure.

  5. Dean says:

    If it turns out that I’m right do I get a prize for coming up with the answer first ?