Watch for USB flash drives

On October 31, 2011, in Patching issues, by

Error message when you start your computer with a non-system disk:;en-us;812492

When remotely patching, ensure that flash drives are not stuck in machines.  I nearly started tearing apart and replacing a hard drive on a workstation before I spotted a flash drive in the back causing the system not to boot.


2 Responses to Watch for USB flash drives

  1. Dean says:

    Maybe you should set the BIOS on all your workstations to not boot from USB if they have that option.

  2. Joe Raby says:

    I usually just set the boot order to hard drive first, then network, then USB, then ODD (fastest to slowest).

    Every system I’ve seen come along in the past couple of years has a boot selection override key anyway, and this method prevents users from having to skip through an extra step if they left that software DVD or USB stick in their drive.