On the train heading  back from San Diego to home where we celebrated the season with a bit of geekdom and holiday cheer.  As you can see we took a cue from the date on the calendar and decorated the last session (Swing migration) for the holiday season.

We even powered up usb Christmas trees from the HP thin client/zero clients we were using in the MultiPoint demos.

The meeting location was very inspiring.  http://herahub.com/  It’s a collaborative work space that allows women to rent a work space outside the home.  When they arrive, they put their business card on a board indicating they are available for meetings.  There are shared workspaces, private conference rooms, and kitchen resources to allow for the Woman powered microbusiness to grow.

On the walls were inspirational sayings that fit in with the small business empowerment of the venue and topics given.

There will be a few more tour stops in 2012.  Sign up on www.smbmvptour.com to be alerted to when these occur.




One Response to Heading home from the San Diego SMBMVPTour event

  1. Bill V says:

    Susan… Are there any webcasts of the SMB Tour? Could not make it to any of the events but would love to listen in on the discussions.