Exchange 2010 sp2

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Is it supported on SBS 2011?
Do we need to do the schema update referred to in the blog? 
Not sure, asking for clarification.
Do we need to add any features (like I’ve seen on some other blogs)?
Not sure, asking for clarification.
Do we need to install any prerequisites?
I don’t think so, I think those all were part of the Exchange 2010 sp1 install and thus are already on the box as those were done as part of the base of SBS 2011.

Bottom line, hang loose, don’t install on a production server at this time.


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  1. EricE says:

    How about Rollup 6?

    Aftere the re-appearing Rollup 1-4 issue, I’m a little gunshy about putting this one on.

    I’m going to decline it in WSUS anyway – I think it’s safer to install it manually if it is deamed OK. Call me paranoid if you want :o)

  2. Jeff W says:

    @Susan – So did you ever received answers to your questions:

    1. Do we need Schema Update? (I think the SP2 install does it for you so it may be a moot point).

    2. Do we need to add features? These are specifically under IIS.

  3. bradley says:

    Do it from the setup.exe gui and it does the schema setup
    And no, I’ve not needed to add features.

  4. Freaky says:

    Any news on this?

  5. ohio shawn says:

    Bump, any word on this?

  6. bradley says:

    any news on what?
    It installs from the gui just fine.