Security updates out today

On December 14, 2011, in Security, by

By now I hope you’ve read that and disagree with the “important” status for MS11-095 for active directory.  I think you should really think about the risk on your network.  Us little guys maybe not so much, big guys you bet.

Also the IE update includes the fix for the Exchange MMC issue (see

And finally in other news, the Word update for December (not a security fix) finally includes the fix for Outlook 2010 IMCEMAILTO bug that reared it’s head after Office 2010 sp1.

Assume that you create a document in Word 2010. When you type an email address inside the square brackets after the Mailto: header, the email address is displayed as an incorrect hyperlink. For example, you type inside the square brackets after the Mailto: header. In this situation, the email address is formatted as a [] link. Additionally, when you click the link, the text “[]” is inserted into the *To* box in Microsoft Outlook.


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