Dear Intune

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Only 2% of Top Managed Services Providers Use Windows Intune | MSPmentor:

Feedback to the Intune team.  You aren’t building what consultants need for a remote management tool. For one you need to at a minimum start supporting servers.  For two you need to support all the “bring your own devices” that we’re dealing with these days.


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  1. Thanks Susan for pointing out that survey to me. I just filled it in (Kaseya user).

    I’ve looked at InTune, and it just doesn’t do what I need. Which is fine, because I’ve made a major investment in my Kaseya platform!

    Thanks again for your blog – I read it faithfully every day 🙂


  2. SeanPT says:

    And #3 you need REMOTE ACCESS AND SUPPORT.

    This is the one that really boggles my mind

  3. Joe Raby says:

    What do you mean? Intune already has Remote Assistance integrated with Easy Assist.