Have you deployed Win7 sp1?

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The other day after connecting computers to my “Backup by Grey” (more on that later) I realized that some of my PCs were not yet on Win7 sp1.

And I went… oh yeah… when the c34 hit the you know what I stopped rolling it out.

FYI if you see the hotfix 2533552 make sure it’s deployed ALL BY ITSELF.

Windows may hang up on the logon screen after installing KB2533552 with any other update packages together:

An update that prevents a “0xC0000034” error message when you try to install Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 is available:

Consider the following scenario. You install multiple updates, which include the hotfix KB2533552, from Windows Update or Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Server, and you are prompted to reboot the machine to complete the installation. After you reboot the machine, the system may stop right before the logon screen is displayed. The following message is displayed and it doesn’t complete forever.

Stage 3 of 3

Preparing to configure Windows.

Don’t turn off your computer.

If you press Ctrl+Alt+Delete at that time, the message above will disappear and the logon screen will be displayed. After that, you can logon to Windows successfully.

The symptom above occurs when the Secure Logon option (Require users to press Ctrl+Ctrl+Delete) is enabled. If the Secure Logon option is not enabled, the logon screen can be displayed but once you input your credential and attempt to logon, the same problem occurs without any message displayed.
This issue is caused by a known issue in the system Servicing Stack, and if you install a Servicing Stack Update package, such as KB2533552, with any other packages together, the problem might be exposed

To prevent this issue from happening, please install KB2533552 exclusively.


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