Getting into the 20th century

On December 24, 2011, in news, by

We’re attempting to do more communication with our clients via email and we’ve discovered a few things… First off while everyone recommends a service like constant contact, when you are trying to make the communication real and personal, it’s a bit too…. much.   We have several partners in the firm and we want the email to be sent from them, and for certain communication not be so marketingishy.  So the first change we did to the mail system was to edit the send as and send on behalf of settings.

Doing this allows the sent email to look like it was sent from the person.  It allows someone who is more techy to send the email on the person’s behalf.

Next up is the add in where you can queue up a bunch of emails and not set them up as bcc but have them sent directly to the person.  This makes it tend to get through spam filters easier to do as well.

So there’s two suggestions to make sending things a bit more… personal.


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