2012 is starting off early with the announcement of a new OEM vendor for Windows Storage Server Essentials R2:

Backup Box by Gramps is the new OEM vendor.


Now before you go… Backup Box by …..huh?  Grey Lancaster (aka Gramps) is now an OEM vendor for Windows Storage Server Essentials r2. 


He will build to suit on either HP’s microserver hardware or a single bay foxconn box.  Why is this the perfect Windows Storage Server Essentials solution?  Well for one it’s just plain Windows Storage Server software, no fancy smancy OEM customization to get in your way, and then he keeps the box under the 2 terabyte size so that when you want to make a backup of the OS part, Windows backup actually works (there’s an issue if you attempt to backup more than 2 terrabytes in the current Windows setups — you can’t back it up).

It just works.  I use it to backup all of the workstations in the office as it supports 25 computers.  Whereas in the past I had to have 2 Home servers running and couldn’t monitor one of them very well, now I have one unit that just chugs.

Remember what Windows Storage Server Essentials R2 is?  It’s like Home Server, but it supports 25 computers and supports domain join.  Now you can opt to have it not do domain join but honestly I did it because in the SBS console when I domain join the server, it lights up as “online” so I can monitor it better.


Bottom line if you are looking for a Windows Storage Server R2 Essentials vendor, look no farther than one by Gramps.


3 Responses to Looking for a Windows Storage Server R2 Essentials vendor? Check out Backup Box by Gramps

  1. Joe Raby says:

    So how does a smalltime guy get a direct OEM contract with Microsoft , when the last time I called them they wanted recurring purchases of 250 software licenses a month at a bare minimum, with contracts updated yearly?

  2. Bill V says:

    Question… If 2TB is the limit why would Western Digital offer a similar product with 4 and 8TB configurations?

  3. Gramps says:

    WSSe is sold through OEM-Embeded distrib’s. I suppose it is hard to get GE to comit to 250 ultrasound machines with WIN7 Emebeded a month and they have diff rules. I have no clue.

    As far as the WD box(s). The website is not real clear (when I last looked, may be diff now) The 4gb model is actualy two 2tb drives in a mirror so you get what that is formated 1.87tb. The 8gb version is four 2tb drives in a RAID 5 so you get whatever that is ~ 5,87 of storage.

    The 2tb limit applies to Windows Server Backup. As in you cannot use it to backup drives greater than 2tb. So the WD box is a lot like WHS V.1. It is a great box if you need a place to put a ton of stuff. It has faullt tolerence for drive failures. The WD box is quite sexy and they have done a lot of neat things with it. You just have to decide how you are going to use it. Me personally I want the option to backup my stuff in case something gets deleted or corrupt. But the “something” is the key. If the something you have on a box (any box) is stuff you just want online and either have other copies or do not care if it is lost, that is fine. WHS v.1 was very well received and you could not restore it.