On SBS2008 server, when running Move Windows Update Repository Data wizard, it failed with error “The WSUS repository location cannot be set”


Cause :         

The Source data folder is corrupted or missing on the server:


Log information:

a. MoveDatea.log:

[10320] 111105.093720.6859: Update Services: SetStorageLocation: Running C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools\WSusUtil.Exe movecontent D:\WSUS “C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Logs\movecontent.log

[10320] 111105.095949.0048: Storage: New storage location for WSUS can not be set

[10320] 111105.095949.0360: AdminTME: UpdateProgress(), Task = CommitterSequenceTask, Percentage = 47.5

[10320] 111105.095949.0516: AdminTME: Status: TaskId = SystemHealth.MoveWSUSContent, RootTaskId = SystemHealth.MoveWSUSContent, Success: False, Warning: False, Continue: True, Message: The WSUS repository location cannot be set.


b. movecontent.log:

2011-11-05T14:37:28 Beginning content file location change to D:\WSUS

2011-11-05T14:59:42 Successfully copied content files.

2011-11-05T14:59:42 C:\WSUS\UpdateServicesPackages\ does not exist.




Open the source folder: C:\WSUS\ on the SBS2008 server and check it’s folder structure. Compare with a working SBS2008 server and find out if any sub folders are missing here.

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Tony Ma
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