Drives are running out of free space (SharePoint Foundation 2010)

Log Name: Application

Source: Microsoft-SharePoint Products-SharePoint Foundation

Date: 4/14/2011 12:00:02 PM

Event ID: 2138

Task Category: Health

Level: Warning


User: DOMAIN\spfarm

Computer: SERVER.DOMAIN.local


The SharePoint Health Analyzer detected a condition requiring your attention. Drives are at risk of running out of free space.

Available drive space is less than five times the value of physical memory. This is dangerous because it does not provide enough room for a full memory dump with continued operation. It also could cause problems with the Virtual Memory swap file: SBS 2011 (SERVER – C:\).

Examine the failing servers and delete old logs or free space on the drives. For more information about this rule, see

Resolution for SBSers:

The issue is you have a server with lots of physical ram.  SharePoint calculates this multiplys by 5 and expects that amount of free space on your C drive even though SharePoint is probably not on your C drive.

Go into the SharePont configuration.

Go into monitoring

Go into review rule definitions

Scroll down into the drives are running out of free space

Pull it up and edit it

Unclick the enabled box and save.

But Susan, don’t we need to know when drives will run out of space?  There’s already an alert that alerts you when your drives are less than 10% free.  You don’t need another one.  And you certainly don’t need one looking for five TIMES your RAM on your C drive where the SharePoint isn’t even on.

But Susan, why can’t this be fixed?  I bugged it, the SBS sustaining engineering team sees this as a ‘by design’ by the SharePoint team, and as such is not addressable in SBS’s code and thus won’t fix it.

SharePoint team considers everyone that runs SharePoint as admins that shouldn’t be molly coddled by GUIs or something and deems that Admins should fix it themselves.

Bottom line, if you have lots of RAM, uncheck that box.


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