Due to the WSUS caused C34 errors with Windows 7 sp1 I had held back rolling out sp1 using any patch automated tools.  So I did it VERY inefficiently using Microsoft update and this weekend I was doing the last of the workstations that didn’t have Windows 7 sp1 on them… including mine.

It worked for every single Windows 7 in my office… except….


Yes, mine.  I’m getting a lovely generic “generic error” that looks like I’m going to have to do a repair install.

ERROR E_FAIL (0X8004005) while installing Service Pack 1 for – Microsoft Answers:


I’ll try those recommended items, but I’m not holding my breath.


4 Responses to ERROR E_FAIL (0X8004005) while installing Service Pack 1

  1. Phil Wisch says:

    You didn’t do a WHS/WSSe backup right before you patched?


  2. bradley says:

    This is the reason it’s taken me this long to roll out Win7 sp1. I wanted a WSS2k8r2E backup before I rolled it out.

    The error I’m getting is not after the install, it’s before, merely trying to install Sp1. So I have no way of knowing how far to roll back to.

  3. Jborton says:

    *Every* time I cannot get Win 7 SP1 to install, it has been due to a corrupt Windows Component Store item (file missing or incorrect). Running the Update Readiness tool will fix it sometimes, but if it still wont install, you have to run the Update Readiness tool again, and check the log file it leaves behind (checksur.log) because even if it says completed successfully, there are sometimes items still listed in the log file it cannot fix. you have to fix those corrupt items yourself (usually by copying it from a working machine)

  4. David says:

    Seems the zip file is no lneogr in that server. Anyway to get it? On topic, it seems ridiculous the separate downloads don’t have the complete set of files needed. But most of all why don;t they mention this anywhere.