Forum changes

On February 14, 2012, in news, by

“People may have noticed some hiccups today as we deploy an update. This update does a few things:

Addresses the Alert Me bug, when replying to threads the alert
setting is not subscribing people automatically to the thread they reply
Thread states are out of sync, where an question with legitimate
answers is not showing as an answered threads (impacts also proposed
The forums rich text editor looked bad on Windows Developer Preview IE10
MSDN/TechNet English only forum home page update. General design
update to clean up the home page. Filter column moved to a find/search
forum experience
Visual design updates on the TechNet forums to generally have a
cleaner design with fonts consistent with other TechNet metro themes and
reserved icons that are less distracting
Other minor bug fixes.

While the update is being applied (3-6pm PST) users may experience strange behaviors and slow response times.”


To ask a question now it’s way over on the right hand side with the orange button.


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