Vote for Damian!

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The SMB 150 list was announced today and if you love the SBS blog, vote for Damian!

Damian Leibaschoff | 2012 SMB Awards!:

(yes I have a vested interest in this vote, I nominated him)

Microsoft is full of a lot of people, but they also have these key people in key spots.  I’m calling these the Microsoft “Ones”.  Damian is one of these Microsoft “Ones”.  When you see me say about something “let me check with Microsoft”, more often than not Damian is “The Microsoft’ I’m checking with.  A person with brains, connections and way too much caring and passion for his own good, he’s one of the people behind my favorite technical blog the SBS Blog ( ).

So here’s my ask.  As you look over the SMB150, vote for Damian.  He’s one of the people still there, still caring, still pushing, still arguing with Microsoft to make things better.


One Response to Vote for Damian!

  1. Bill V says:

    When I started using SBS 2003 when it was released way back when, Damian was one of my first responders on the forums. He was always very helpful. Certainly getting my vote.
    Bill V