SBS 2011 Essentials Backup Issue:

Alerts windows come up saying unable to connect to server when client Dashboard starts on each laptop regardless of whether on or off LAN.
Unable to do configure manual backup from client Dashboard on each laptop with “cannot connect to the windows server computer backup provider service” message

I disabled both the laptop and server firewalls with no success. However, I then disabled the HTTP antivirus filter that is part of the Panda Endpoint Security we have installed on each laptop and re-enabled both firewalls. Launchpad, alerts, and backup were then able to communicate with the server. Note this is not the Truprevent firewall component of the Panda antivirus but a component which is supposed to do some prefiltering on browsing activities. We have seen similar issues with other software interacting with the HTTP filter before and have filed a case with Panda to get it resolved


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