Beware of free

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Interesting comment from “SpiceUser”

“I’ve been feeling a lot of bait-and-switch lately from providers of “FREE” services and other than spiceworks, I’m really beginning to get leary of using “free” services anymore. Especially if I’m rolling it out for a client b/c I’M THE ONE that looks bad when I tell them “hey that thing you used to use for free is going to cost a couple grand a year now.”

Don’t offer something free just to build a large client base and then EOL it and force them to transition to a paid solution!

I just went through this same frickin thing with Microsoft Office Live; even though they promised it would be free for life, they’re shutting it down in order to force all the free users over to a paid service. The transition was a major pain and I had myself and 3 others to assist with that. Definitely not happy with MS on that one, and now OpenDNS is putting a sour taste in my mouth.

It’ll be a misnomer to continue calling it “Open” DNS. PaidDNS, 2kDNS, or ClosedDNS may be more apropos now.”


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  1. Joe Raby says:

    It’s the same in reverse.

    …like when I got clients into Forefront Client Security contracts for 3 years (for only 5 PC’s too), and only a year in, Microsoft Security Essentials becomes legal for businesses with 10 PC’s or less to use.