A call to action

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A call to action.

Small businesses are being targeted for phishing attacks.  Brian Krebs of Krebs on Security is leading the charge to try to educate and warn all of us that are at risk.

If you get phished or tricked and your bank account emptied out, you have no recourse at this time.

http://www.zdnet.com/blog/security/fbi-us-losing-hacker-war/11143  The FBI says we’re losing the hacker war.  Us small businesses need to be warned about how we’re being targeted.

Our risk is our computers.  Our risk is our trust of emails being sent to us.  Our risk is clicking.  We’re not keeping track of our banking transactions. I’d like those of us in the small business IT industry and small business accounting industry to help our customers become a lot more aware, a lot more proactive and realize that if something happens, we have no protection.

I’m going to be reaching out to Intuit, to the California CPA Society and to other organizations to see if we can get a bit of grass roots organizing going.

In the meantime read those posts of Brian Krebs and see if you or your clients would fall for an attack.


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  1. Joe Raby says:

    Militarize your IT and LOCK THAT SH@% DOWN!

    We need this guy as an IT security motivational speaker: