A list by Susan Bradley

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When you should not use the Microsoft Migration method:

A list by Susan Bradley

1.  When you have not taken a backup of your current system.
2.  When you cannot answer the question “I took my last system state backup on ……..”
3.  When you have no clue of what blog I’m talking about when I say “you’ve read the SBS blog post migration success tips, right?”
4.  When you have have never read the SBS blog (http://blogs.technet.com/sbs )
5.  When you come to a forum (where there’s a sticky post at the top pointing you to migration information,  I might add) and ask if there is migration documentation.
6.  When you come to the forum and say “I’m planning a migration over next weekend and was wondering if there is any guidance on how to do this?”

I’m sure there is more but the rest escape me.  Get the idea, though?  Never use the Microsoft migration method when you have not even googled the phrase SBS 2003 to SBS 2011.  As for sure you can get there from Bing  and Google.

Get the idea that you should be prepared?




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