Acer AC100 Server

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Looks like there’s a new SBS Essentials box?

The Acer AC100 server just went across my radar.


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  1. EricE says:

    What a great little box! I’m a big fan of the Windows Home Server appliances – I have several of the now defunct HP MediaSmart’s and FileVaults scattered around either support workstation backup along side SBS Standard servers or providing the core services. When HP exited the WHS scene, I deployed an Acer box for one of the non-profits I support and it was really well made – a little larger than the MediaSmart’s, but very sturdy.

    A box designed for essentials – and that has a PCI Express slot (!!) is very appealing. I wish HP had a beefier version of their MicroServer – perhaps with Acer offering ECC memory and a Xeon they will step back up.

    Good for Acer!