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An invitation from Jeff Middleton, Founder of

June 8-9, 2012 is the start of our 2-Day Weekend Conference in New Orleans, and we have announced the session content and speakers. You may view both now:


  • As you see, we once again have over 20 respected thought leaders and technical strategist to seat in our panel discussions and presentation team. This year we draw from MVPs as well a industry experts in security.
  • Our session topics include a range of privacy, security and identity and branding concerns for IT Pro consultants running their own business or as the Trusted Advisor of a customer’s decisions on these matters.

We also have a deep-dive Pre-Day on June 7 hosted by Third Tier Brain Explosion. We still have about 20 seats left for the pre-day, so get your registration in now. Look for details of these sessions here:



  TRUSTED IDENTITY: Faith in a Technology World
  • Who are you and why would I believe it?
  • Why should I trust you electronically, ethically, or in reality?
      View Session Outlines and Presenters
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  • Attendee 2-Day $495, or 9-Day $595 (plus cruise fare & lodging)
  • Guest 2-Day $195, or 9-Day $295 (plus cruise fare & lodging)
  June 7-17, 2012 are the events dates for pre-day, weekend conference and cruise.


This conference is a bargain at twice the price. Content like no other event each year, a range of great parties, music, food and socializing with your peers in the French Quarter of New Orleans.


Remember: Our conference delivers a great experience for the attendees as well as their guests. Year after year, we have a celebration from guests with comments like “this is the best event for a spouse I’ve ever been to”. Expect nightly music and great New Orleans food, and plenty of time to explore in the day. And of course, with activities in the French Quarter, our NOLA Spouse Track is unmatched. Our events staff will help match up guests as companions for touring and find a choice of interesting pastimes by day, with all guest registrations included in the invitation for special evening events on the town.



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