A thousand cuts of passion

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A former Microsoft employee and myself used to chat about whether or not MVPs should be guaranteed a beta spot.  He argued (and he’s right) that MVPs are not always the best people to give feedback.  Many of us are old fuddy duddies that are resistent to change.  Many wax poetically about the days of nntp newsgroups.  Many say that “gee you should do it just like you did it in the 2003 era”.  Change is indeed hard.  So I agree with him that MVPs shouldn’t get deep beta access ahead of time because sometimes we are the fuddy duddies and resistent to change. 

But a the same time I’ve noticed a by product of this lack of trust that I’m feeling right now and “Apple” like beta process of Windows 8.  I’m a lot less passionate than I used to be.  And that translated into less volunteering, less blogging (well length of blog posts maybe not quantity), less willing to freely promote something that I don’t 100% believe in and it’s that thousand cuts of passion that I’m trying to fight against. 

Seeing the death of the SBSC is another cut of the passion.  Microsoft, you don’t kill “community” by declaring it over in a year.  You kill it slowly by depleting the buzz, by killing off the passion, by bleeding off the people behind the scenes that care and make them have a thousand cuts of passion as well.  And man, right now you are doing a bang up job killing passion of a community a little cut at a time.

You keep saying that partners asked for the small business competency to make it on par with other competencies.  But Microsoft, the small business products are not on par with your other products.  Office 365 P1 plan is a limited product.  SBS Essentials and Standard has restrictions.  So the products that surround this competency are themselves not on par.  I also find it interesting that there’s no SBS 2011 Essentials exam.  Honey, if you want us forward looking and cloud looking, why not have coursework on SBS 2011 Essentials as well? 

Bottom line, if this blog site is a little less helpful and a little less passionate, apologies.  I don’t like feeling this way and I’m trying to fight back the feeling.  I still very much like to help people, so I’m going to blog about things that do make me passionate.  If that means it’s a little less Microsoft-centric… well that’s how it’s going to be is all.

Blogging has to be human and a personal passion….or you shouldn’t be doing it at all.


2 Responses to A thousand cuts of passion

  1. SeanPT says:

    I for one think you are doing as good of a job now as you ever have.

  2. Keith says:

    Don’t blame you at all, maybe it’s time for a fresh start and some good old fashioned change 😉

    There is more to life than MS, perhaps Zentyal or ClearFoundation… just saying 🙂