Twice when I’ve restored a backup of a Dell XP via Windows Storage Server 2008 r2 Essentials (aka backup box by Gramps — sells them) I’ve hit an issue where I had to follow this KB right afterwards:;%5BLN%5D;314477

Hard drive died.  I replaced the harddrive and then booted with the Storage server usb boot device, pointed the computer to the backup server and restored the image to the clean hard drive.  When it rebooted I got this screen:

Ugh.  But don’t fear the OS is still there, just needs a little coaxing back into proper booting condition.

Once you know the trick it’s not hard at all.

Method 2

Use the Bootcfg utility in the Recovery Console to correct the Boot.ini file:

  1. Use the Windows XP CD-ROM to start your computer.
  2. When you receive the message to press R to repair Windows by using the Recovery Console, press the R key.
  3. Select the Windows installation that you want, and then type the administrator password when prompted.
  4. Type bootcfg /rebuild, and then press ENTER.
  5. When the Windows installation is located, the following instructions are displayed:
    Add installation to boot list? (Yes/No/All)
    [Type Y in response to this message.]

    Enter Load Identifier:
    [This is the name of the operating system. Type Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home Edition.]

    Enter OS Load options:
    [Leave this field blank, and then press ENTER].

    After you perform the preceding steps, restart the computer, and then select the first item on the boot menu. This should allow Windows XP to start normally.

    After Windows XP has successfully loaded, the Boot.ini can be modified to remove the incorrect entry.

Hopefully you remember the local Administrator password or it’s a blank.  If not you can reset it to blank with the NTbootdisk —

Once you reboot it remember you have to go into the boot.ini and fix the two loading instructions and remove one.

You can get here by going into the control panel, system, startup and edit the boot.ini

Remove the bottom line, and reboot.


…and there it is a fully restored to it’s exact condition but with a new hard drive.

All backed up and brought to you by Backup Box by Gramps – who sells Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials servers that can join a domain and backup workstations – more info at



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