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Watching the bbc iplayer of the Chelsea flower show and thought I might grow myself a new server tonight as well.  I’ll still be blogging about HyperVing SBS Essentials, but how about we throw in some forwarding looking stuff by standing up a Beta (NOT TO BE USED IN PRODUCTION) of the Windows server 8 and see how it changed between what we’re used to in Server 2008 R2 HyperV.

Just like Chelsea Flower show did a category of “Fresh Gardens” consider this “Fresh Servers” tonight.

Server 8 aka Windows Server 2012 is really fresh and really different.

So fresh and so different that I’ve yet to figure out where the restart button is.

When you start server 8 aka Windows Server 2012, not only do you go whoa who moved the cheese, you probably go whoa who moved the entire dairy farm.

This is the gui for the datacenter edition and the server manager can not only control the local server but other servers.

We’re going to play with this as a HyperV server so for this we’re only going to add the one role and one role only.

We go into the role wizard

We select the server we’re on (like duh)

We select the role – HyperV

It confirms what is going to be installed

We click next

We don’t want to add any other features


It confirms our choices and reminds us we need to make sure we pick a network card.

We pick at least one active card to be our virtual switch.

Ooh this is new… until we start all doing clusters (which I’m still not convinced that mere mortal SMBs can afford server clustering, but we’re touch on that in a future blog post)

Why they pick “my docs” for storing stuff is beyond me.  I always change this, preferably to another partition away from the boot one.  This is where you do a 80 gig or so for the boot and then depending on your religion, chop up the rest of the server into chunks that match the vhds you are planning or I’ve also seen folks not chunk up the rest. 




Get promoted to reboot.

…and then figure out that you can’t figure out how to reboot…. uh where’s the charms/shut down button on a server?

I ended up doing taskbar/run cmd and did a shutdown /r…. but surely there’s an easier way I missed?

(P.S. yes I’m using a UK proxy service to view the iPlayer programs as you can’t see them unless you or your computer, or the iPlayer thinks your computer is in the UK)


6 Responses to Fresh Servers

  1. Roberto says:

    I’m comfortable with Win+I shortcut

  2. bradley says:

    Okay but try that over an RDP window.

  3. Greg Brewer says:

    Move the mouse to the top right corner and then settings and power.

  4. bradley says:

    Over a rdp window it’s a little off the window.

  5. Greg Brewer says:

    I am able to use both Win+I and the corner on my Win 7 enterprise RDP sessions.

  6. bradley says:

    I’m not finding that I can do that with Win Server 8 over rdp.