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As you know, we recently launched the Microsoft Small Business Competency and I have seen and heard questions, 
comments, etc. regarding the Small Business Competency from some partners through a variety of systems. I have
had the opportunity to connect with several partners about their input and feedback, but also know there are others that
have expressed a desire to have their voices heard and their input and feedback voiced to the appropriate people at Microsoft. As such, I am offering up this opportunity for an open forum discussion regarding the Microsoft Small Business Competency
with myself, Microsoft Worldwide Director of Partner Experience and Arnold Bogaards, Microsoft Worldwide Director of SMB
Partner Marketing to discuss these items. This is not a presentation, but rather an open discussion. Arnold and I will address
some of the questions we have received already, just to set them aside and level-set, but the main purpose of this call is to
give you, our Microsoft partners, a forum to have your voices heard directly. Here are the details on joining us for the Microsoft Small Business Competency Partner Forum: Date: June 29, 2012 Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm PDT How to attend: Join online meeting by Phone +14257063500 +18883203585 Find a local number<> Conference ID: 75916011 I look forward to talking with you tomorrow. Thank you and have a wonderful day, Eric Ligman Join Director, Worldwide Partner Experience Microsoft Corporation Get support,
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One Response to Microsoft Small Business Competency Partner Forum tomorrow

  1. VERY good call today! Hopefully they listen to all of us SBSCs that were on the call that told them how broken / disconnected Microsoft is from the REAL solution providers in the SMB space. It sounded like they may actually do something about this and they can’t ignore all the feedback, there were some very good (and emotional) points being made.