Gardening activities tonight – planted May Night Salvia and refreshed the Cocoa Mulch in the back rose garden.

Geek activities tonight… blogging to raise awareness over Microsoft change in KBs that slows me down and loses needed information and to hopefully get someone to understand and tweak changes they recently made to the Microsoft Knowledge base articles.

So tonight they “metro’d” the KB articles.  Fine, go Metro happy.  But how about not losing a key piece of info in the process of Metroing it?

Go to the sample of;en-us;2686509 

At the top where it used to have the article ID in small letters it also would say the revision number and the date.  Don’t see it do you?  To find it click on that “View other products” which jumps you down to the bottom of the KB article and then scroll back up a little bit.

But Susan, it’s only one click and a scroll, I mean it’s only a few more clicks and a few more seconds out of your life.  Really what are you crabbing about?

I watch RSS feeds of KB articles and when I see one of interest I look at it.  And the very second thing I look at after I read the title of the KB is the revision number and the date to determine if the KB was a brand new one or not.

See that?  The key info that I look at is now buried at the bottom of the KB.

Microsoft when you get feedback when you change stuff ASK PEOPLE THAT USE THE STUFF BEFORE YOU CHANGE IT PLEASE.,+2012&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

That’s a google cache of how they used to look.

See how the info used to be right up at the top at eye level?

So Microsoft, Metro all you want, but the principles of Metro design is that information is clear and easy to read.  Finding the release date and revision date no longer is in the Metro manner of delivery.

Please fix it.  Every second I don’t have to click and scroll means I have that many more seconds to plant in my garden.  Should get seeds for Mexican Sunflowers next week.


One Response to Some feedback on the Metro-ing of Knowledge base articles

  1. Dantv says:

    I hate Metro! Microsoft has lost their mind!