"What the heck is that?"

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Got back into town tonight and swung by the office before heading home.  My Sister was looking at some of the items in my “dungeon of dead Microsoft stuff” and saw the Small Business Specialist stuff and asked about why I had so many logo patches.  I explained and when I said that it’s going to be killed off in a year and that the new thing would be “Small Business Competency” she said “What the heck is that?”   So when I explained that a competency was actually a higher credential than the Small Business Specialist… she said “but a specialist sounds more like you specialize in something, a competency sounds like you are merely competent”.

So if random person  can’t figure out what a competency is… how are your customers going to?

Do they, will they even care?                                                               


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  1. Joe Raby says:

    I wish they didn’t change the program names. It was better when they were called “Certified Partner” and “Gold Certified Partner”.