BYOD apocalypse? Really?

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BYOD apocalypse deniers suffer from post-PC depression:

As an admin for a firm where I am deploying iPhones, iPads and the like, I think Randall needs to realize that where are business applications are, how they currently are coded up, and how we’re in this awkward world of touch but not quite touch world means that supporting iPads in business is awkward right now.

Seeing my Sister love hers and really use it points out where it’s really good at – email.  The iPhone is a smaller device and the iPad has a much better larger interface for email.  One does not need a keyboard, but can merely hunt and peck to do reasonable and efficient correspondence.  She can keep the emails flowing and keep people tasked to do what they need to with an iPad with Internet access.

But when it comes to her blogging on on the road while we were down in Los Angeles for MINI Takes the States, she took her iPad AND a small laptop.  When I pointed out that there’s a wordpress app on the iPad, she said that she found that blogging on the iPad wasn’t efficient.  She needed access to photos and a keyboard.  Mind you this is from a hard core iPad user.

So in my office I even have embraced the iTap RDP app (we have RDP/TS cals to make it legal) and while one can indeed rdp to the desktop, unless you have a bluetooth enabled keyboard, when you remote into ..say Word or Excel, half of the iPad window is taken over by the onscreen keyboard.  For the time and billing program it’s doable – but a bit painful.  I fully anticipate that as more Partners get iPads that we’ll be rolling out “an app for that” as it’s clunky to do so over a RDP window. 

We’re still not in a post PC era because we’re still running key line of business applications that need PCs.  So anyone saying that us IT admins are just not in touch, are not in touch with the reality of the fact that firms have not invested in new touch enabled apps (as we’re keeping our purse strings tight in light of the economy).   Not everyone in the world lives in nothing but email.  Even my Sister has to use a PC and get back to desktop based applications in her work. 

Microsoft’s surface won’t solve this.  It’s our applications that need touch enablement or more “apps for that” recoding.  And that means buying and deploying updates that will take investment. 


3 Responses to BYOD apocalypse? Really?

  1. SeanPT says:

    I’m actually really hopeful surface (the x86 version) can solve this problem. Touch and tablet mode when I want that, full on laptop mode with a touchpad and keyboard when I want that.

  2. 2nd SeanPT

    2 in 1 or even 3 in 1 connected to a dock!!!

  3. RandyS says:

    I think that as Windows 8 starts to take over, the convoluted swipe/touch gestures = mouse clicks thing will start to go away. App vendors should begin to embrace keyboard, mouse AND touch controls and we will get closer to being able to toss out the laptop.

    But, remember, there are still LOB apps out there that require IE7 and XP to operate. Either clients won’t upgrade to newer, more expensive versions of their apps, or the vendors just don’t care.