My HP box is in route and should arrive by Thursday.  One of the things I didn’t order, that one SHOULD get these days for any server is a way to get into the server remotely undernead the OS.

For even the Microserver they offer a remote access card at the unbelievely low price of $79 –

And if you only have one static IP at the location you are deploying this into, you can get it to respond on a port… so http://youripaddress:someportnumber and then in your firewall rerroute that port to the IP address of the Remote Access card (which would be a private IP address on the router).

As we start to move servers more and more to data centers where you can’t just walk over to the server and push the button and do stuff, plan on remote control of a server BELOW the operating system.

HP has iLO cards, Dell’s have DRACs, and even the MicroServer has a remote access card.


4 Responses to Making sure you have remote access

  1. Ulrik Lunddahl says:

    Wow, $79 for something that nowadays is build into most server boards, this HP microserver is just as limited as it’s totally over hyped, no wonder HP is giving it away in almost every server offer the make…

  2. bradley says:

    You sure you are seeing this on the low level servers? I’m not.

  3. Keith says:

    You can open up a port on you firewall to allow a remote connection to an ILO, etc, but should you?

    – device vulnerabilities
    – unmonitored connection attempts
    – static passwords

    A VPN to your hardware router, then connect to ILO2 etc. is what I do and seems more secure to me.

  4. John Stutsman says:

    The HP is a great little box to work with and it makes a great HyperV Server.