Now setting up a HyperV2008R2

On August 12, 2012, in HyperVServer, by

Back again, I’ve enabled RDP so I can remote into the server from my workgroup based Win7.

I’m going to hit number 2 to change the name of the server to Hyperv  – and reboot

Then I’m going to hit number 1 to change it to the same name of the workgroup that this computer is in

And I’m going to enable remote management again –

The major diff between 2k8r2 and HyperV 2012 is that PowerShell is already enabled.

The server will want to reboot.

Go back into remote management and do item number 3 and enable remote management

Don’t forget to add a local admin that is the same as the user account on your workgroup based PC.  Enable the Server manager tools and put in the hosts menu to point to your remote HyperV machine.

NOW.. if I’ve done everything right…. keep our fingers cross this time… I should be able to use the server manager on the local RSAT tools/PC to manage the remote HyperV

Restart the Server…

Now install the RSAT tools on your Windows 7 PC –


AH HA it worked… okay now let me set up a HyperV networking stuff.


Next up building a network


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