For anyone running WordPress on IIS and can’t get the dang plug ins to automatically update …and thus you’ve been manually updating the plug ins one at a time

BTW I FINALLY got the blog site over on WordPress to be able to auto update.

There’s a problem with the wincache that ships with the Windows web matrix – or at least the one I had way back when I set up the WordPress on IIS site.  It makes updating of plug ins barf.  So for eons I was manually updating the plug ins by copying them down, unzipping them and sticking the files on the back end.  Yeah, not the greatest updating in the world.

Wincache 1.1 and WordPress plugin problem : The Official Microsoft IIS Site:

I finally found the problem the other day, the wincache file.

Once I updated it to the latest one, the wordpress site on IIS will not let me update the plugins via the gui
Doing that makes the updating work.

So for anyone else who has tried the webmatrix/wordpress on IIS and couldn’t get plug ins to update.. it’s your wincache file causing you grief.


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