Not quite there, Doug.

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Windows Server 2012 Essentials Essentially Done —

“Essentials is almost there, having just gained release candidate status <>. That means it’s almost ready for manufacturing but needs a few more eyeballs to make dead sure.

Essentials is made for shops with up to 25 clients, and is looking to make it fully out the gate this year.

If your shop grows, you can upgrade to Windows Server 2012 Foundation which handles 50 more users.”

Not quite there, Doug.

Windows 2012 foundation is a 15 user OS.  No Cals.  Does not support virtualization (no parent, can’t be a child as it’s OEM)

Windows 2012 essentials supports 25 users.  If you buy a Windows 2012 standard sku along with the proper cals, you can “transmorg” it to support up to 75 devices/users.  This sku is also a “no cal” sku.  Also cannot be a parent.  Can’t be a RD server used by users either.

It does support backing up workstations as long as they are in the same domain or IP address range.  Bottom line those clients have to ‘talk’ to the server to be backed up.  You could try over a VPN.


2 Responses to Not quite there, Doug.

  1. Ben Krause says:

    Since I ranted on the Windows 8 post I figured I would rant here too. 🙂

    I understand the premise for getting rid of SBS and the suggestion is to create your own single machine setup using several virtual machines on a single physical server, but why doens’t Microsoft create an SBS package that already has the pre-configured VHD machines that sets up similar to what SBS was and call it SBS 2013?

    That way the old SBS people are happy and Microsoft is happy because their recommended best practice of having Exchange and DC’s on seperate machines is followed.

  2. ChrisB says:

    Not good when MS don’t even know their own licensing details.

    I sent my thoughts on the death of SBS to assorted Microsoft folks. Got a one liner back from Steve B and more from Mike Schutz. Replied back asking how they plan to address pricing – it’s all gone quiet since then…