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So starting off with the first virtual server underneath the Server 2012 HyperV, let’s start by downloading Windows 2012 Essentials Releease Candidate.


This is one of the reasons the GUI is easier, you can download the bits right on the box.


Okay now that we have downloaded the bits, let’s set up a virtual server.

Review that we have a virtual switch set up by clicking on virtual switch manager.  Because we have the full gui and because we connected a nic card to this while building the HyperV server, you should have the nic already bound to the network card.

go back to the main menu and click on New, then on virtual machine

Click next to start the wizard.

Name it

And consider moving the virtual machine to a different location on your RAID drive location.  This is a one drive Microserver that I’m doing this for test so I’ll leave it where it is, but for production, another drive location other than C would be wise.

Click next.

Set the RAM, for Essentials it can do minimum of 2 gigs, but ‘d probably throw 3 or 4 at it.

And for grins lets try the Dynamic memory check box to see if it works on this version.

Click next.

Next up is hooking the server to an active external nic on the edge.  Pull the arrow key down and find our network that we set up earlier via the setup and confirmed was already set up.

We’re going to set up a minimum of 160 gig just because that’s a minimum they want –  This can be adjusted with the config file – but I’m too lazy to set up an answer file so we’ll just bump that up to 160 gigs.

Browse to the location where the ISO is and set the HyperV to boot from it

Review your settings, hit finish and we’re ready to boot the child.

You’ll now see the server listed under virtual machines.  Right mouse click and click on start.

Double click on the name of the server to launch the full window, or right mouse click again and click on connect.

You’ll now see the full gui windows setup of a brand new server.

Click Next to start to install essentials

I won’t bore you with the setup details of setting up Essentials.

I’d advise you to check out the Wegotserved site for way more details – and

I’m going to finish up that SMB for HyperV wiki post in the meantime.




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