I’m mad at Harry.

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I’m mad at Harry.  Well, I really can’t be mad at Harry.  I mean with his wife’s accident and all I really feel I can’t be mad at him but I want to be mad at him.  I’ll explain why.

I’m kinda annoyed at his “pivot or perish”‘ stuff and his “SBS was a crutch” he’s been sayiing lately. 

Case in point this article – http://www.itchannelinsight.com/2012/08/small-business-server/

“According to Harry, many solution providers, while they love Small Business Server, it really has served as a crutch to their business. They have depended on it for such a long time and have been riding the SBS wave. Unfortunately, many are now stuck in a predicament of aging SBS servers and no clear migration path, well no clear path unless you just hand your clients over to Microsoft and potentially reduce your margins greatly.”

I don’t think Consultants are stuck.  I think we have the problem of too many options. 

Option one, jump on that cloud bandwagon, hop on hosted Exchange or online email and blend it with either an on-premise server or a hosted server or a full virtualized infrastructure.

Option two, jump on that terminal server bandwagon and stand up terminal server boxes, or multipoint servers and start deploying thin clients.

Option three, determine that your client still wants a fixed price option and spec out a SBS 2011 standard and migrate and this will keep them sitting pretty for about 4 years.

Option four, determine if Windows 2012 Essentials married with hosted exchange or an on-premise Exchange makes the best fit.

The problem as I see it is not that there’s no clear migration path, the problem is that there’s tons of migration paths, too many in fact. 

Yesterday’s Godaddy incident – either a security one or a failure in hardware – showcases that as we jump on that cloud bandwagon we have to look for our single points of failure we just put ourselves into.  SBS used to get slammed for putting all of our eggs in one basket, Godaddy is that single basket for many of us.  So just as we worried about the single point of failure of SBS, we need to be aware of the single points of failure we might be building in our future deployments. 

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  1. John Bailey says:

    Not all of the alternatives are from Redmond. Microsoft should reconsider the move to the cloud (frequent failures, security lapses, no control over data, etc.)… I’ve had a number of clients asking me about Zentayl 3.0…


  2. There’s also the “On-Premises Server 2012 Standard (or Essentials) and Kerio Connect” option as well as the “ClearOS Server” or “Kerio Connect VM” options, too.

    The thing Microsoft has done by removing SBS has been to open the industry’s eyes to other vendors’ products. 🙂