What’s after ISA?

On September 12, 2012, in Security, by

So if you are finally getting around to migrating and you are losing ISA… well I have even more bad news for you.


TMG is now dead as well.  And UAG is not SMB friendly.

And Sonicwall has gone to the evil empire of Dell.

So what would I recommend right now?

On my short list is Calyptix (www.calyptix.com ) because of the features and functions it has and the easier config interface.


7 Responses to What’s after ISA?

  1. SeanPT says:

    You know you can still get sonicwall products without buying a Dell server or something.

    Maybe one day you can come walk on the dark Dell side with me…

  2. Mike says:

    We’re moving from SBS2003 Premium to…
    … SBS2011

    And I dread losing ISA, because it enabled us to easily control website access thanks to its integration with AD etc.

    Does any hardware firewall device offer that kind of AD functionality? Apologies, only just starting to investigate hence newbie question

  3. Mark D says:

    Or you can go with Cisco. The SMB Pro stuff is easy enough to configure, well priced, and acceptable for most configurations, I’ve successfully used the SA500 series security appliances (SA520W, SA540) in a number of locations. You’ve got the options to extend them with Gateway AntiVirus and IPS through additional licenses, and the DMZ set-up is pretty good.
    There are configurations that you just can’t do, and in that case you need to go up in the world to the enterprise range, but the 800 series routers are in a similar price range and provide advanced routing, firewall, IPS, content filtering.

  4. SeanPT says:

    Mike, there are SonicWall products that integrate with AD but I’m not a product expert there at all.

    But if you talk to your Dell rep (or ask for a Dell rep) they can help you get the right product + software + licensing (if needed)

  5. John says:

    Watchguard has the Weblocker subscription add-on which is AD integrated. You can restrict website access by hostname.

  6. Barry Kemp says:

    Ever since our move to SBS 2008 we have used the Fortigate products. We rent them to our customers which gives us annuity income and they are really feature rich. The do AD integration, web filtering, anti spam etc

  7. Matt says:

    Calyptix may be an option in North America, but nowhere else.

    I’d say a Sonicwall T215 would suit most SBS environments. AD integration works and Analyzer gives far better reporting capabilities than ISA ever did…..

    Forget about it being owned by Dell…. It’s the same kit with a different daddy..