So how do we license that thing?

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So how do we LICENSE that HyperV replica.

Good question…. that everyone seems to be tap dancing around and not answering.

For the children, it appears that you do not need to purchase two licenses — but I’m going to bet that you will need cold server rights in order to make this legal.

“According to Microsoft licensing policy you can do failover with Hyper-V replica so you don’t need to buy TWO licenses for VM for primary and secondary site. But you cannot run both of them @ the same time. “

Now how do you license the HyperV parents.  Now you can use the non gui HyperV core.  But I’ll be dead honest and say that even with an annoying Metro interface with swipes and charms, I’m just still way more comfy with GUI.  Now my question is…. could you as a partner – buy Server 2012 standard for your clients, install what you want to, then for your license for the parent to get a full GUI – can you buy a Server 2012 via SPLA and SPLA license the replicating parent?

And I really hate it when the answer in the forum flagged as an answer is “call Microsoft licensing”.  Gahhh… can’t this be stated in black and white in a document please? and I’m going to disagree with the really good blogger of Aidan Finn in this case where he says “One of the cheapest around and great for the SMB is replication by System Center Data Protection Manager 2010.”…. I don’t think it’s cheap enough for the SMB space I’m thinking of.


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