Look Ma, no PowerShell!

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So you want to change the password policy on an Office 365 account without PowerShell you say?

It’s do-able with https://admin.365command.com/Dashboard/Home

Currently in beta, not sure how much it will cost, but it allows you to do things like change the password policy -without- having to dig out the PowerShell notes.

also check out https://www.cogmotive.com – free for 25 mailboxes or less and finally in beta is this:

Microsoft Office 365 Community:


4 Responses to Look Ma, no PowerShell!

  1. If that is the only thing you want to do, Susan, you´re now able to change the password policy in the admin console itself.

    Just look at the user account menu, somewhere under single signon, there is a link to change the password policy.

    Hope you find it, I don´t know the english description, as I´m using O365 in german. They add this feature very silent, together with the outlook update for the pw exiration warning :=)

    So, no need for spending extra money (if your solution reaches RTM) or learing PowerShell. (Oh, to be honest: I never tried to set the value for the pw exiration to “0” in the GUI).



    P.S. I begin to love PowerShell & I try to learn it :=)

  2. Kevin C says:

    This post couldn’t have come at a better time, since I’ve been trying to figure out Powershell on 365 for the last week. Rolf is correct – there’s a new button right in the admin control panel that lets you set the password policy. It’s on the “Users” page. There’s no option to completely disable password expiration, but you can change the date to up to 730 days.

  3. Yves Gourle says:

    Hi Susan,

    Maybe I’m a little bit paranoid, but give my office 365 administrator ID and password to a site I don’t know anything about, just to avoid having to type two lines of powershell, don’t you find it’s a bit risky ?

  4. admin says:

    Yeah, I know. 🙂