Skip KB2750841

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For the time being skip kb2750841….

It’s an optional update/non security one.  And until a proper resolution comes from the OpenDNS folks, best to wait on the sidelines.


4 Responses to Skip KB2750841

  1. Indy says:

    Yeah, duh, OpenDNS was a waste of time 5 years ago, this isn’t surprising today they screw something up.

    I’m sorry, but I’ve just had too many issues with OpenDNS to let this or any of the other previous issues fly. DNS *just works*. or Google at the 8’s or your ISP. They don’t fail. They don’t implement strange hacks.

    Quite dangerous for so critical a service.

  2. Jborton says:

    OpenDNS has fixed the problem (disabled NXDomain redirection on the IPV6 addresses that the patch adds)

  3. Lou says:

    My computer is stuck in a loop it keeps trying to install the KB2750841 but it fails. By definition it is now insane ie doing the same thing with no sucess repeatedly.

  4. bradley says:

    What’s the error code?